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A little about us...

It all began in 1968. Bob Kildall was fresh out of the military and in need of a job.  Having been raised on a farm Bob was positive he did not want to do that.  He took a job flipping burgers  and soon became manager. When the owner  decided to move on he offered Bob the opportunity to buy the business which was soon accepted and Bob's 50 year journey in the restaurant business was officially launched.  

Through the 70's Bob bought and sold a series of fast food restaurants and bars, every opportunity bringing new lessons. By the early 80's the fast food business clearly was being consolidated by franchise systems slowly killing the small businesses. It was time for something new.  

In 1982 Bob's Burgers & Brew was launched.  Featuring a simple menu of gourmet burgers and favorites from previous restaurants such as fresh fish-n-chips along with a lounge for adult dining the new restaurant caught on quickly.  


In the 90's Bob's became a second generation family business as Bob's children joined the business with the opening of several new restaurants.  At the dawn of the new century Bob's started on a new chapter with our first franchised store.  We have continued to add new restaurants to the Bob's family both family owned and franchised.    

The company continues to be led by Bob with his commitment to quality, value and passion for excellence. He delights in the opening of new restaurants and taking an active role in many different areas. He continues to inspire by advocating hard work, emphasizing education and giving support in pursuing dreams. . . just as he has always done!

Original Bob's Drive in 
First Bob's Burgers & Brew
First Franchised Bob's
Original Menu
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